There are many wiccan versions of the ’13 words to live by’ for wiccans, but these systems would not make sense nor sit well with a traditional witch so I thought I would write a traditional witches version for you all! Here goes…

  1. It is not sufficient to just say you are a witch or to ‘dabble’ in witchcraft. You must live as a witch. Do not look for excuses for why you cannot follow the path. Embrace your journey, even if it twists and turns.
  2. Accept responsibility for your failures as well as your successes. We all make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.
  3. Celebrate each day, the Moon and the changing of seasons but do not act on them because it is part of a ritual calendar or a certain phase is due. The seasons and the moon are special no matter where they are in the year and what phase they are in. Don’t wait for a special day, moon phase or season to do a spell: do it when you feel you need to. Every day is special and magical.
  4. Honour your ancestors and recognise that all spirits, entities and those you honour are all equal.
  5. Honour nature, honour the Earth. Only leave footprints, never leave litter, dangerous items, graffiti or vandalise. Give nature your full respect because without it, we are nothing. Responsibility toward the environment and the Earth’s inhabitants should be evident in the activities of your daily life.
  6. Do not take more from the Earth than you need to live. We are mere visitors here; the Earth is eternal. Wealth and fame are not necessary ingredients for a magical life.
  7. Know that the joy of life is a gift. Look after yourself and love yourself.
  8. Embrace both your light and dark sides. There is light and dark within you just as there is in nature. Learn to use both sides of your power with intent. Learn when to use both sides and be wise in the fact that sometimes you need to be darker to actually protect the ones you love.
  9. Power is a sacred gift and must be used wisely and with humility. Power should never be used to prove your ability or in any form of competition with others.
  10. Be certain of your intentions when performing any act of magic. Magic is neither good nor evil, the intentions of the witch determine the path it will take.
  11. Act always with honour and accept responsibility for your actions. It is honourable to protect your loved ones, but be willing to accept the consequences of your actions with honour as well.
  12. Words are sacred, use them wisely. There is honour in truth.
  13. Do no harm, but take no shit…

Every witch, whether traditional, wiccan or any other type of witch, is always on their own path. So whatever your path, walk it and live it every single day with authenticity.


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